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March 15, 2020
April 7, 2020

With the possibility that hundreds of brick and mortar gambling establishments around the world will be closed for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic and the fact that many other forms of entertainment will be closed, it’s inevitable that there will be thousand of new gamblers to the online casino world. There are a many sites, like that you can gamble on.

We curated a few tips that you should consider before starting into the world of gambling.

 #1. Pay attention to who licenses the casino.

When you go into a Las Vegas casino, you know they are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission. There will be no slot machines in the casino in which customers gamble and receive only around a 20 percent payoff. Even Indian Casinos have a Native American Gaming Commission.

Online is a different story, however. While most of the better online casinos are regulated by either the UK or the Malta gaming commission, there is no law forcing an online casino to follow either UK or Malta Rules.

And some are regulated by countries such as Panama, that play fast with the rules. Therefore, read carefully each website, and find out who regulates them. Never play with an unregulated casino, and unless its regulate4d in the UK or Malta, generally beware.

 #2. Pay attention to the payout rules

If you put money in the bank and was told later on when you wanted to withdraw all or some of the money you had to wait several days or a week or so, you wouldn’t be happy.

The same can be true of many online casinos.

When you want to withdraw winnings, or even deposits, online casinos often will take between 24 hours ,and a week to get the money. In addition, if you hit a big jackpot and win sat $50 thousand Euros, they may have rules that you can only withdraw $5,000 a month.

Try to get this information from their website, but don’t stop there. Read half a dozen review websites to see what they say. Honest online casinos are quick, but even then, they do have a lot of rules and hoops to jump through.

#3. Find out whether you can actually play at all.

Both the UK and the Malta Gaming Authorities follow country regulations and prohibit

players from many countries. If you are in the United States, for example, many casinos will not accept your money for fear of losing their license, and if you falsify documents or claim to be residing in a country where everything is okay and the casino finds out, they can literally close down your account and confiscate all of your money.

As a consequence, pay close attention to a casino’s website to see which gamblers from which countries are acceptable, and what kind of documents you need to supply them to gamble.

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