Basics of Sports Betting

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July 6, 2017

Sports betting allows you to win a good amount of money by putting a bet on the right team or even athlete. If you are curious about what sports betting is, this guide is for you.

The origins of sports betting started even before the time of the Greeks, Romans, and Aztec. Modern day sports betting allows you to wager on different games ranging from football, hockey, horse race, pool and even prize fights such as boxing and MMA matches.

This form of gambling gives you the opportunity to place your money on an outcome of an upcoming sports event. The bet can only be placed on the overall result of the event, or on a variety of situations that occur during the event. Be familiar with the different types of bets before you put your money on the line.

Single Wager pertains to a bet on the winner of the event. This is considered by many as the simplest type of bet. You simply get a 50-50 chance of getting it right.

Fixed Odds means that you place the bet and know the odds of winning. Multi Bet or also called Parlay means this involves multiple bets on at least two outcomes of two events. On the other hand, Tote Bet is for race tracks.Point Spread Bet means you bet based on the difference in score. Over/Under Bet means you bet based on the total score of over/under. And lastly, Head to Head means you bet on one competitor to beat another in an event with two or more participants.

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