The Excitement And Advantages Of Mobile Slot Machines

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April 16, 2018
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The Excitement And Advantages Of Mobile Slot Machines

Progressive Jackpots


Most slot machines are set to pay out a specific amount. A progressive jackpot is different because the amount increases every time a player makes a bet on a progressive machine. A small percentage of every coin put into play is added to the amount of the jackpot. More on mobile slot machines that payout real cash fast – just click the link.

Online Progressive Jackpots


As the popularity of online casinos has grown there have been adaptations made for mobile gaming. An online progressive jackpot works in the exact same fashion as a land base progressive jackpot. The difference is the jackpot increases when bets are placed by individuals gambling in their homes. Due to the large numbers of people participating in online gambling these jackpots reach amounts more than large enough to completely change the life of the winner.


The Most Popular Progressive Jackpots


One of the most popular mega progressive jackpots available online is called Megabucks. The odds of a player successfully winning this jackpot are one in fifty million. This being said people do win. The amount of the progressive jackpot does change. This can be as low as $10 million or as high as hundreds of millions. The money is paid out in a similar fashion as that of the lottery. The winner will receive an annuity for a total of 25 years.


The Wheel of Fortune


One of the most popular games offering a progressive jackpot is the Wheel of Fortune. This is partially because different denominations are available for the players including those using a mobile device. The quarter version is the most popular with the jackpot starting at $200,000. In the past this jackpot has reached nearly $2 million. The jackpot is generally won shortly before reaching $1 million. The jackpot significantly increases when the players are using the dollar version. Thus jackpot begins at $1 million. The jackpot has consistently hit $5 million or above and even reaches $10 million every once in a while.


Classic Vegas


Elvis was not only the king of rock and roll but a well known symbol for classic Las Vegas. This is the reason a network for progressive slot machines has been given his name. The online progressive jackpot begins at $100,000. The cost for each spin is 25 cents. Players are not eligible to win the progressive jackpot unless they are making the maximum bet of 75 cents or three coins. If a player hits the winning combination but has not placed the maximum bet their jackpot will be considerably smaller. For this reason all mobile players are encouraged to play this game only if they are willing to play with the maximum amount.


Mega Moolah


This progressive jackpot is only available online at internet casinos who use the software from Microgaming. There are numerous games available featuring this brand and progressive jackpots. This is one of the biggest jackpots available online and usually reaches $1 million or above.

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