How to Find the Easiest Slot Machines to Beat

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February 22, 2020
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How to Find the Easiest Slot Machines to Beat

Slot Machines or QQSLOT are a bit more of a gamble than traditional table games. Mostly, this is because table games provide players the benefit of strategy. With a slot machine you just pull the lever and hope for the best. However, not all slot machines are made the same. In fact, a huge mistake many rookie players make is holding to this belief. If you want to find the easiest slots to beat, then here is exactly what you should look for.



RTP is the magic word when it comes to slot machines. This is true not just of online slotters but physical slot machines as well. RTP stands for Return to Player percentage. This is the percentage of wagered money a machine pays back. In other words, the higher the percentage the more the machine pays out. So a slot machine with a high RTP is a good wager to make. Most likely you will win more than you lose or break even. If the machine has a low RTP percentage, than you are ultimately just giving the casino money.

Keep in mind RTP does not track the amount you might win. It also does not indicate how often you might hit a generous bonus. It simply pinpoints the slot machines that are the easiest to win.

RTP can be found very easily. All you have to do is research the machine online. Good reviews, general stats, and even game descriptions will feature the games RTP. Look for ones with percentages in the mid to high 90’s and stay away from the rest.



Volatility looks at a game’s risk potential like RTP considers its payout frequency. Any game of chance carries the risk of losing money. Volatility measures risk potential. Essentially, a game with high volatility pays more money but is harder to win. A game with low volatility pays smaller amounts but is easier to win. So if you are looking for easy slot machines to beat aim for the ones with low volatility. In fact, look for a combination of low volatility and high RTP. The best games to play have an above average RTP paired with a low to medium volatility.


Put It Together!

If you want to find the easiest online slot machines to beat simply look at RTP and volatility. But you have to look! Do not get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the newest slot the casino is promoting. Do not get sidetrack by the new 911 slot machine because you love that show and are such a huge fan. Research the slots and find that perfect RTP and volatility combination. Also, trust the insight of other players as well.


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