How to bet on football games and win — these tips will help

Tips for Betting on Football Games
January 28, 2018
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March 18, 2018

How to bet on football games and win — these tips will help

If you are looking for tips on how to bet, and win, on football games at agen bola online, these tips may help.

Not only will they give you an idea about when to bet and when to avoid betting on certain teams, they may also help you keep more money in your pockets too.

Decide on your staking amount — Before placing a single bet on a football game, decide on how much money you have to gamble with, and how much you are going to stake on each bet. Then stick to it.

Gamblers who start off with good intentions about available money to spend, and then quickly go over it, tend to be the ones that lose often.

What is the head-to-head record? — When betting on a particular game, look at the head-to-head history to see which team has usually won in the past? Unsurprisingly, the same result will often reoccur, so it pays to know your history before placing that bet.

Have you checked the team’s form? — How is a specific team currently performing? Have they had a good season or do they seem to be struggling?

Always check each team’s current form before placing your bets as that form often continues throughout the season.

Who plays better home and away? — Some teams do better playing away, while others do better playing at home?

Look at past statistics and try to ascertain if home or away is important to a team.

How recently did a team play? — Look at past schedules for each team, as one team could be coming off a too-recent game and may be tired.

Spend your free time researching — Football gamblers who tend to do the best are those that know the game inside and out.

When you are not gambling on football games, read everything you can lay your hands on about every team you are interested in. Learn about news going on in each club, and about the players currently playing on the team. Find out who is injured, who has personal problems or who is going to be missing from an upcoming game.

Knowledge is your friend when it comes to betting on football games, as those that are the most knowledgeable about the game, teams and players are often the ones that have the most luck when they gamble on games.

Do not let other people sway your bets — If you have done your research on a team and think you know who is going to win an upcoming match, do not let someone else’s opinion sway your bet. Stick to the team you have decided will win, and you are far less likely to have a catastrophic result or to blame someone else for your loss.


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